Heavy Plant & Construction

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Heavy Plant & Construction

Construction has changed in the past quarter century, with an expanded range of heavy plant available to meet the needs of modern construction, saving time, money and providing health and safety solutions through safer working practices….

Building sites used to be comprised of a few backhoe loaders, a dumper truck and maybe a crane for larger building sites, or taller Read more

Beginners Guide To Clay Shooting

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Clay Pigeon Shooting for Beginners

Three Basic Styles of Shotgun

3 different types of 12 bore shotgun, Over and Under, Side by Side and Semi-Automatic.

Side by side shotguns are mostly used for traditional game shooting. The barrels on a side by side are as the name implies next to each other.

With over and under shotguns, the barrels are positioned on top of one another. Over and unders are often used for Read more

Solar Lighting Tips

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Solar Lighting Tips

Recent advances in solar lighting technology have lead to improved lighting quality while reducing purchase costs.

Solar lighting is much cheaper to install compared with traditional mains lighting. Without the necessity for a mains supply to your lighting, you have much more flexibility.

In the past few years solar technology has advanced quickly. Read more

Ten Ways To Make The Outside Of Your Home Look Great

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Simple Ideas to Make your Home Look Great

If you’ve neglected the outside of your property for some time you might need to do a little work to get it looking back to its best. Some of the things which can be done won’t take long whilst others require significant work and in some cases expenditure, however with a little effort you can make your home look great again.

Garden – the basics

Even if you don’t know an annual plant from a perennial you can still make your garden look tidy. If needed hire a mini skip and get rid of anything which has been loitering in your garden for too long. If you have grass – cut it, even if this means hiring a strimmer. Prune shrubs and give any paved areas a good sweep or a spray with a jet washer. It might take you the whole weekend but the effort you put in will be worth it.

Garden – landscaping

If you’ve tidied the garden and still aren’t pleased with the results it might be time to do some hard landscaping to get it back to its best. If the grass is non-existent and the weeds have taken root you might need to start from scratch and do some hard landscaping.

This might involve laying a new path through the garden or removing what is there and starting afresh. There are companies out there that will do everything for you. Or you could attempt most of the work yourself and reseed the lawn or lay new turf.

For heavy lifting you can even hire a backhoe loader, mini excavator or skid steer loader to do all the heavy lifting and moving of materials for you.

House – the basics

Most people don’t even look at the outside of their home or notice it falling into disrepair. However if you keep on top of its maintenance you’ll increase the time between some of the larger jobs which need to be done.

Things you can do to the outside of your house include clearing drains and gutters from leaf debris, making sure window frames are wiped clean, windows are washed and sweeping any paths around the home.

House – renovations

If you want your house to look great you need to keep on top of the maintenance, but from time to time you’ll also need to do some of the bigger jobs. Things you can look at include replacing windows, giving the exterior a lick of paint, replacing gutters, soffits and fascias, replacing or simply painting your front door or replacing your tired old garage door.

All of these things will instantly lift your house and make a huge difference to how it looks.

It’s always better to keep on top of things rather than to let things fall into a state of disrepair. However after a certain amount of time major works will need to be done.

A new drive may have to be laid, new windows may need to be fitted, or you might need your old garage removed and a new one installed in its place. This is all part of owning a home and even though these things are costly they are an investment for the future.

Electronic Cigarettes – The Inconvenient Truth

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Electronic Cigarettes and Their Future

We all know only too well that smoking tobacco is bad for us, there is only one probable outcome.The majority of smokers will shorten their lifespan and are more likely to develop cancer than their non-smoking counterparts. There has been a lot of press recently about the alleged dangers of electronic cigarettes and potential safety concerns. The tobacco industry is very wealthy and very powerful, with friends in Read more

Professional Decorating Secrets – How to Decorate Like an Expert

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Home Decorating Secrets

For most of us, re-decorating a room at home involves a trip to buy some paint and a quick hunt for a half decent paintbrush and roller.

Re-painting the walls of a room should therefore be a quick and easy process, because after all, the walls will end up looking the same colour regardless of whether you do it yourself or pay a professional to paint it for you.

Paint is paint, a brush is a brush, so why is there such a difference in the finish you end up with compared to the finish obtained by professional decorators? What are their decorating secrets?


The first significant difference between amateurs and professional decorators is the amount of preparation that is done. A professional tradesman will spend 70 – 80% of their time preparing the walls, woodwork etc prior to applying paint.

The initial preparation that you do will determine the quality of the finished room. Walls need to be sanded, filled, cleaned and prepared, as does all the woodwork.

The quality of this preparation will govern how good your finished room looks. It is often said that the first few days a decorator is at work it looks like they aren’t doing anything.

We expect to see walls changing colour because that is our end goal, but this time is important and is one of the main decorating secrets of professional tradesmen.

If you take the time to properly prepare the surfaces that you are going to paint then you will end up with a vastly superior finish.

“Preparation is the only way to achieve a superior grade finish. You can use the best paints available, but if you are not applying them to well prepped walls and woodwork, the job will never look good.”

“The more time and effort you spend preparing the surfaces, the longer your redecoration will last & the more stunning it will look.”

domestic window decorating secrets

Decorating Equipment

In addition to taking the time to prep your surfaces, the other decorating secret that separates the amateurs from professionals is the quality of materials used.

Cheap paint will give you cheap results, and often means that you will need to apply two or more coats, whereas high quality paints from manufacturers such as Dulux, Farrow & Ball and Fired Earth give a superior finish which will last longer, give your property more protection and look so much better.

The quality of the brushes and rollers that you use is also important. Many cheaper brushes will leave hairs behind, affecting your finish. A quality brush will give you the high quality finish you are looking for.

The combination of meticulous preparation and quality materials is the major difference between a professional finish and a do it yourself finish.

One major diffence to a finished room is the quality of “cutting in”…… or paining the edges well to you or me!

The first thing that draws the eye when you walk into a room is the edging finish. If your edges aren’t painted cleanly it will affect the look of the whole room.

This is another area that requires time and effort as it will ultimately make or break your room finish.

Decorating Secrets Summary

1. Take the time to prepare all the surfaces you will be painting.

2. Use quality paints and materials to get the best finish.

3. Focus on all the edges and borders as these will determine the quality of your finished room.

Other Additions To Enhance Your Home

A beautifully decorated home will look fantastic with the addition of stylish wooden window shutters. Available in a variety of styles to suit all types of windows and openings, shutters are very fashionable at the moment.

Shutters offer far more than just looks however. Louvred window shutters provide privacy, security and block out light too if required.

The options for design, colour, fit and style are virtually endless.

Find out more from Impact Interiors and enhance your home.

Electronic Cigarettes and Their Advantages

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The Advantages of Electronic Cigarettes

Smoking is increasingly being considered more and more antisocial due to increasing health concerns. We all know that smoking is bad for us, but we do it anyway. Successive governments have been steadily reducing the proportion of smokers through higher taxation and no smoking laws that make smoking less convenient. Rather than being a social activity, smoking is rapidly becoming an anti-social practice, permissible in increasingly limited places. Electronic cigarettes address this issue because they are far less harmful that tobacco based cigarettes as well as being cheaper to use. You can also use them in many places where smoking has been prohibited.

The government is also raising the duty on cigarettes at every opportunity making smoking much less affordable for a large section of society.

Cost Savings

Electronic cigarettes are a much more affordable alternative. It the spring of 2013 a pack of 20 cigarettes costs about £8 depending on your brand. By comparison a 10 ml bottle of e-liquid costs £4.99 and is the equivalent of 10 packets of cigarettes. That’s a Saving of £75 every 10 days if you are a 20 a day smoker.

Huge cost savings are one of the main reasons for the growing popularity in e-cigarette vaporisers.

The tobacco industry is a very powerful political force, fighting to protect their business interests. The UK government meanwhile is taking steps to ‘protect’ us from ourselves while having to address the needs and concerns of the tobacco industry.

There will no doubt be a time when cigarettes are outlawed completely, but because it is such a massive industry, this can’t be done overnight. It is more of a phasing out of an industry over a few decades than instantly closing it down.

Due to the significant cost savings that electronic cigarettes offer, people are switching from tobacco to e-liquid in rapidly growing numbers. This is naturally making the tobacco industry quite nervous as they can see their sales being eroded at an alarming rate.

As a consequence of this uptake in e-cigarette usage, the tobacco industry is using its considerable political weight to fight back. There are several ongoing legal cases as well as Parliamentary debates about electronic cigarettes.

If usage continues to grow we can expect to see cigarette companies developing their own e-cigarettes in order to maintain their hold over the marketplace. We can additionally expect to see taxation on e-liquid so that the government can protect its current revenue streams.

Because electronic cigarettes are inherently less harmful than tobacco products you would expect the government to endorse their usage, but when there is billions of £’s at stake, such logic goes out of the window. While telling us that they have our health and well being at the heart of their policy decisions, government is more about generating revenue as it is protecting us from dangerous products.

We have all known since the 1960’s that cigarettes are dangerous. In fact they are far more harmful that banned materials such as Asbestos for example. I guess the Asbestos industry didn’t have the political clout needed at the time?!

If the Government wanted to protect us from ourselves they could outlaw tobacco based cigarettes today, so the fact that they don’t demonstrates to me that this is not about our health, rather it is about money, taxation and political pressure.

E-Cigarette Benefits & Advantages

– up to 1,000x less chemicals and Carcinogens

– no passive smoke

– can be used indoors in many public places

– no tar or carbon monoxide

– cost savings

– no smoke smell on clothes

– safe to use around children

variety of pleasant flavoured eliquids to choose from

– no fag breath

– no fire risk

– no ashtrays

What is the Paleo Diet

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The Caveman or (Paleolithic) Paleo Diet

The Paleo diet is based around cutting out potatoes, dairy products, legumes, wheat, refined sugars, grains, refined salt as well as processed oils. This leaves you with fish, organic meats, fruit, fungi, eggs, roots, nuts and vegetables.

Those were the staple foods available during the paleolithic era which lasted for around 2.5 million years, but started to die out 10,000 years ago with the development of agriculture and our modern grain based diets.

This was the natural diet of hunter-gatherers through the ages and while some nutrition experts have questioned the wisdom of such a diet, just as many have supported the theory that it is in fact our ‘natural’ diet and as a consequence is the best source of nutrition for the human body.

As with any diet, the key is to be able to find great food that is quick and easy to prepare, tasty and nutritious.

Recent studies of historic diets have indicated them to be more beneficial than typical mediterranean diets, many diabetic diets as well of course as modern western diets with regard to losing weight, heart disease and type two diabetes.

Often the difficulty with incorporating a diet plan into your daily routine is the time and effort needed to prepare special foods, source specific ingredients, and cook to a required eating schedule. The potential beauty of a hunter gather Paleo diet is that most of the ingredients are available on the high street or from popular supermarkets and the preparation and cooking times are comparable with regular meal preparation.

Many people resort to unhealthy diets due to time constraints and hence end up consuming low quality pre packaged food because it is quick and easy. The caveman cookbook (paleo diet) is the simplest way to eat healthily, restore your vitality and plan your healthy meals quickly and easily.

paleo diet recipes

Find out more about the Paleo Diet Lifestyle here

Or to find more Caveman Diet Recipe Books click here

The Principles of Paleo

The Paleolithic diet is high in animal protein and fat and low in carbohydrates.

It should be considered more of a lifestyle than a diet ‘as such’.

You can eat as many saturated fats such as butter and clarified butter as you like. As long as they are sourced from organic well kept animals, duck fat, lard and beef tallow are also good. Olive oils, macadamia oil and avacado are also good fats for drizzling over foods or for salads, but don’t use them for cooking.

You can eat generous amounts of animal protein including liver, kidney and heart as well as red meats, pork, poultry and eggs.

You should eat vegetables either cooked or raw, including sweet potatoes and yams which are low in non-toxic carbohydrates.

You should eat an amount of nuts and fruit. Aim for low sugar fruits such as berries, and nuts that contain omega-3 but little omega-6 such as macadamia nuts.

You should choose organic pasture fed meat where possible, or leaner cuts on meat if not, which you can then supplement with butter or coconut oil for your fat intake.

You should cut out all cereal grains from your diet. These include;

Wheat, barley, oats, corn and brown rice.

You should also cut legumes from your diet, these include;

Soy, peanuts, beans and peas.

You should also avoid hydrogenated oils including;

Margarines, corn oil, peanut oil, sunflower oil, soybean oil and canola oil.

Olive oil and Avocado oil are fine on foods but not for cooking with.

You should eliminate sugar from your diet. All soft drinks, packaged products and fruit juices.

You should not eat dairy except for butter and heavy cream.

How Does A Paleo Diet Work?

Despite the passing of the ages, our genetics haven’t altered very much in tens of thousands of years, in fact since we were cavemen, hunting and gathering our food on a daily basis.

More about how paleo diets work at http://www.ultimatepaleodiet.com

Each day, people would eat what they found or caught, so meals tended to consist of one or two items, that they had found that day.

Or stomachs make different enzymes to break down the different foods that we eat, so if you eat protein you stomach makes one enzyme to digest it, and if you eat carbohydrates for example, it makes another to break that down.

10,000 years ago our stomachs only had to digest one food at a time mostly, and functioned very well as a result.

Modern diets are packed with ngredients that we are not designed to digest efficiently and especially not in the combinations that we eat them. Our bodies end up creating many different enzymes in order to try to digest the pre-packaged junk we have eaten and we wonder why we don’t feel very well!

The Paleolithic Diet is derived from the Paleolithic era when we were hunter-gatherers, eating only what we could find and none of it processed, preserved or modified in any way.

If you wouldn’t have been able to find it 10,000 years ago, you shouldn’t be eating it today.

Modern farming methods, developed to feed an ever growing population have led to our foods becoming more and more unnatural to us.

Today in the supermarket you should only go to the fresh produce, the fresh meat and the fish counter……. if it comes in a box you need to leave it alone!

Aren’t Fats Bad for Me?

In short, only the processed junk fats that we are all used to eating in our modern diets. Read this article for more information.

Free Game Online – I Spy Photo Treasure Hunt Game

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Free Game Online

Viespy is a free game online.

Find collections of 10 items and take photo’s of them with either a digital camera or with a smartphone. Use the iPhone app or the Android app to upload your pictures to the Viespy website and compete against your friends.

You can make up your own ‘missions’ for your friends to find. Run treasure hunts, scavenger hunts, I Spy games, fun games, only limited by your imagination. Viespy works really well for days out, nature trails, school trips, scouts, guides, cubs, and brownies, as well as the museums, public monuments, country houses, parks, towns and cities.

Viespy the free online I Spy game - free game online

Play Viespy today

Viespy is a great game for tourists, national trust buildings, in fact any location with lots to look at and explore.

It’s free to sign up and play Viespy, so sign up and play here http://www.viespy.com

I Spy Photo Treasure Hunts are great fun whoever you are, and are becoming popular amongst everyone from stag do’s and hen parties, through kids, school events all the way to team building activities.

To play Viespy, the free game online, all you have to do is to sign up to play.

Once you are signed up, the first thing to do is to to set up a a ‘Spyring’. A spyring is a collection of friends.

Then, you can create a mission consisting of 10 items, and add that mission to your spyring.

Once you have a mission in your spyring, you just need to invite your friends to play against you.

You can set a time for your mission to begin and end if you want to run a timed treasure hunt against your friends.

Once you have uploaded your pictures you will see your scores on the website.

Find out more about Viespy the free game online here – VIESPY

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Easy Blog Creation Tips – Create a Professional Blog that Works

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Blog Creation Tips

When you set out to become a blogger, there are a few things that you need to consider. Here are our top Blog Creation Tips.

You need to develop a blogging strategy so that rather than doing things in a hit and miss manner, you consistently apply blogging strategies that you know are going to get you results.

  • Develop a Blogging Strategy
  • Stick to your Blogging Schedule
  • Promote every Blog Post you publish
  • repeat

The secret to making money blogging is to Read more